Our Humble Beginnings

  • Sweeney Todd's - Mens Hairdressers
  • Department of youth
  • Men's Grooming Face Shave
  • Sweeney Todd's Mens Barber Shop

What makes our chain of hair salons unique is the approach we take to customer service. Each of our staff members have been trained to first listen carefully to your needs and understand the particular look and style you’re trying to achieve.

Then, we apply our precision cutting techniques using industry-leading tools and procedures, along with our wealth of knowledge and expertise in hair styling, to provide you with a cut and finish that will make any man walk out from one of our salons feeling great and confident with their new look.

Our team of professional barbers, hair stylists and hairdressers are always up-to-date with the latest fashion and hair style trends by constantly attending new fashion seminars and training events. Collin’s belief is that continuous learning and exploration breeds more success to our brands reputation and keeps us ahead of the ever-growing competitive market.

Our salons are also warm and friendly and staff members are always down to earth, welcoming you each time you visit us and making sure that you get the star treatment in which you deserve.


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Meet the team

  • Collin - Creative Designer at Sweeney Todd's

    Collin Creative Designer

    With over 30 years in the industry Collin has achieved such a high level of experience and dedication. He has continued to gain valuable knowledge and range of skills in this industry.  

  • Chantelle Area Manager

  • Kayla Pakenham Manager

  • Riannon Berwick Manager

  • Nana Brighton Manager

  • Amanda Barber

  • Claudia Barber

  • Jessica Barber

  • Liz Barber

  • Maurice Barber

  • Rosie Barber

  • Yuko Barber

  • Chaunte Barber Assistant

  • Holly Barber Assistant

Our Salons

  • Sweeney Todd's - Berwick Barber Shop


    Shop 7, 4-6 Wheeler St,
    Berwick VIC 3806

    Ph. (03) 9796 1353
  • Brighton

    243 Bay St
    Brighton, VIC 3186

    Ph. (03) 9530 6261
  • Sweeney Todd's - Pakenham Barber Shop


    110 Main St
    Pakenham, VIC 3810

    Ph. (03) 5941 1353